1st round – Teleport or Resurrect?

1st round – Teleport or Resurrect?


Ok so let me preface this article by stating I’m a lover not a fighter. Back in the day, my nickname online was “LessThan The Nurse” because I my score card would read single digit kills and double digit resurrection every game. I was the Dennis Rodman of my teams. Knew my role and became really good at it. I fully admit I became good at it because I guess I just can’t aim for shit, so all I had to contribute was healing my teammates. So I am always going to be biased toward Resurrection as an early round buy.

However I have to admit the players that are out there killing it almost never buy Resurrection until the later rounds. I can see the obvious benefit to Teleport. Stick and move. Escape quickly, but doesn’t strength in numbers outweigh the lone wolf gunman?

To me Resurrection has the most value when a team is communicating, be it through D-Pad hud updates or better yet over the mic. Nothing makes a healers job easier than someone who updates their location and whether or not their body is being guarded. The worst player in the world is the one that constantly spams their need for a Rez even when their body is literally ground zero for a 3 Troll mini-gun battle. A player trying to help rounds the corner and blam! Now you have two bodies in need of Resurrection. Even if the medic hits a Rez and Teleports out without a scratch it still leaves the Rez-ee with about 10 seconds of life before they are mowed down. If you are a fighter who loads out offensively rather than defensively, remember to think about the nurse on your team before you start spamming your location.

But should you instead load out guns blazing and save the Trees for later? Is range of motion the most valuable currency in Shadowrun? Knowing your teleport lines could easily extend you life 5 times as long as someone without Teleport. Does stick and move produce better results?
You be the judge and let us know.

1st Round Magic Buy - Teleport or Resurrection?

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