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    Ok so this is Brian the owner of the venue. I go by LessThan and you have all probably cursed me and my complete lack of kills in a game at some point.
    By way of introduction, I was a hard core SR player since day one on the Xbox360. Best game ever. When I bought my music venue I lost the time to play and dropped off. Got back into it when it was announced backward compatible. Now I would like to do whatever I can to help the comeback of the game. Just a fan who wants to always be able to find a game when I log on.

    My wife and I bought our music venue, The 8×10, in 2005 and have struggled ever since. After 12 years we are in a place that is at least stable and we can afford to program events that aren’t necessarily about the bottom line.

    The financial hurdle for me a the venue owner is the amount of money we would lose by not having a normal show with 3 bands. As a very rough estimate on a moving target, our ring would usually average $5k just at the bar on weekends and about a $1k drop each night as we head backwards to Monday. Our cut of the door isn’t dependent on the day as much as it is depending on the acts, but let’s say it averages about $1k. So if we have a normal-to-good Friday night we would take in about $6k Now I am not asking to match that, but we can’t do it for nothing.

    My wife, who runs the club, has agreed to $1k for Thur, $2k for Fri&Sat and $500 for Sun, Mon, Tues. We can’t do Wednesdays.

    So my first suggestion to the team is to have it on SUN-MON-TUES of course. The cost would be next to nothing.
    But that means taking off work to travel to the event. Might hurt attendance.

    Fri-Sat-Sun is cheaper than Thur-Fri-Sat, and Sat-Sun-Mon is cheaper still.

    The numbers I am throwing out there are just ballpark figures right now. There is other overhead like table and chair rental since we have none. The cost of getting monitors and lan switches etc. You get the point.

    It in my goal to make the event as profitable as possible FOR THE EVENT not for The 8×10. We want to build an audience so we can do this at least yearly. Maybe branch out to other games for additional events.

    I want to have vendors and sponsors that underwrite the event. I want to try and get the city involved somehow to underwrite a portion.

    If we can get 30 core players to each recruit and bring 3 more people we would have 100 players.
    If we charged $60 for 3 nights of play that would be pretty much all the expenses probably? then get sponsors to raise up prize money to match? it could go down that way.

    we could charge $XX to play lan and an additional $XX to enter the tourney.

    We need to raise money for lodging as well. We can get blocks of rooms but I think airbnb may be the way to go.

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    To explain further, rent for the venue is insurance in case people don’t show up. However if we do our job and get a lot of people in there drinking, then once we hit a certain number on the bar ring, we will start rebating the rent. Once we decide on the days we want to do it and get more serious we can hammer out all the rebate and bonus arrangements.

    We aren’t trying to make a killing, even on regular shows, we just need to protect ourselves. Once we hit our nut for the night we try to be as fair as possible.

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    we can also sell VIP tickets at double or triple the regular cost and have that include some VIP extras, early entry, maybe those people we provide the xboxes so they don’t have to carry theirs.

    we can also have a raffle or silent auction or both for give aways to raise more $$$

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    We can get T-shirts made and sell them or include them in the VIP package
    I am sure we can definitely get product donated for raffles

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    oh…also, The 8×10 is going to start doing Video Game Monday Night with free admission. We are going to use that to work the kinks out of the infrastructure needed as well as to promote ShadowRun locally and build awareness of the event.

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